Thursday, September 04, 2008

"a little too ironic, and yeah I really do think..."

~ms. morrisette, herself.

remember when that song was popular? like, when a lot of us where in our teens. I asked for that cd for my birthday one year and got FOUR copies. ha!

so, last night I went to help with the preference card signing for unc. I did it last year and it was actually pretty fun. I enjoy talking to the girls and I get a thrill when I see them put kaydee as their first choice. There were a couple of girls who suicided as well (if you don't know, that means selecting only a single house that you want to be in, reducing your likelihood of being placed) and that made me sad. Not everyone has an amazing sorority experience, but I think in like 98% of cases, it is somewhat beneficial. Of course, you're talking to a gal who is still highly involved in her sorority and in panhellenic, so my viewpoint might be skewed.

well, last night lara also delivered my purchase--remember when I went to that spa night and bought the unscented hand lotion? as we waited for the girls I was reading the container, and saw something that I HAD to share with lara and jennifer. do you see it?


yeah, SUNBURN ALERT. I pick the unscented lotion for my hands, which get more sun exposure than, what 85% of your body, and it has something in it that will make me even more susceptible to sunburn. rock. seriously???? I showed matt and he said "so, who are you going to give that to as present?" I was surprised that he didn't ask me if I'd only use it at night, and then I noticed it said to avoid the sun/protect yourself for a WEEK afterwards. you have GOT to be kidding. With my luck, I'd burn from just the fluorescent lighting in my office!

Also, last night I felt inclined to take a picture of something on our fridge...the nice pad of paper renee gave me in my bridesmaid gift, and two paint keys on a hook. We keep them there to use as beer bottle openers. Yes, really. We have multiple perfectly good bottle openers, but regularly use the paint keys instead. You see, if you want to get the bottle lid off without bending it, like we do? Then the best tool we've found is a paint key! Try it, you might like it. We found out on accident of course, having beer while we were painting and realizing we didn't have an opener...but now it's pretty much all we use!

and finally, after class today I paused to take a picture of the car next to me. the girl had MANY MANY bumperstickers on her car (I saw her park when I was still gathering my things before class) and this was one of my favorites. there were quite a few good ones!

I am SO GLAD this is a short week. so, SO glad. and I'm also glad that I get my hair cut tonight!


KaritaG said...

LOL, I am totally like that with suncare also. That's totally weird that they put that on hand lotion, of all things. And? I am going to happy hour tonight with the girls I met at the last AA thing. So, see, I don't hold it against the sorority, really, even though my experience was not that great. :)

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