Monday, August 25, 2008

i started to write a bit of a down-and-out blog

but I'll let that one sit for now (it was about my granddad. it's been just about a year since I last saw him--and saw him for the last time. it still gets to me at times)

instead, I shall sum up what I did this weekend.

friday=volleyball. beer + sand + friends = yay! I still hate that rule about the two-man. matt identified why though--I have no beef with the actual rule. I just hate it that people just watch the ball fall on the ground instead of going after it because they assume someone else is going to get it. yeesh.

saturday=lunch with megan. and her doggie charlie. he is a CUTIE! and he's a doggie that smiles, and I really like that.

came home, napped, had celebratory sushi (and tried a new japanese beer, orion, and was unimpressed) and watched the fountain. that's a friggin weird movie. glad I saw it, but WEIRD. very weird. unusual. interesting. hard to follow. but glad I watched. I dunno. It also made me think of ender's game in parts--the piggies or whatever the longer name was.

sunday=earrrrrrrrrly church. woke up with some pretty icky sinus stuff going on but made it to church and went on a low ropes course with the youth group. It was fun, but by the end of the day I was beat. Some of the challenges were pretty rough, too. One was called the giant's finger. That one was certainly a toughie.

It was also hard to be a "silent leader." We did have to interject at points because the youth were getting out of control, but for the most part we tried to stay quiet. I must say that some of the leaders understood the purpose of this more than others.

Also, these kids had NEVER played two truths and a lie. Not. A. One. Only one adult had played it, too!

have you?

  • indeed!
  • I am not sure.
  • I think not.

after all the youth were collected I came home and crashed for a bit (and skipped out on the summer concert but didn't feel too bad about it since I was stinky, needed to do homework, didn't know the song very well and had already told joe I might not show up). I NEEDED that nap! Oh, and before that I showered because seriously? ICK.

And then Matt made dinner--one of my very favorites--macaroni and cheese with blueberry muffins. :) It made my day. We watched an ep of heroes, I read some of the IPCC report for my class and started reading a book I've had to read for a looooooooooong time. I like it already. Thank you, Katie, for suggesting it oh-so-long ago! I'm only like 5 pages in and already I enjoy it. AND one of my fave authors, Neil Gaiman, wrote a very positive review of it that appears on the back cover--I'm pretty excited!

okay, let's see what I can finish up in the next hour before my TAP officer's meeting. I feel like today hasn't been a very productive one!


Melissa said...

is that the same as "i never?"

well, then again, i'm certain you wouldn't be playing "i never" at a church function.

Del and Darin said...

We watched that movie too - and like seriously 15 minutes to go, Darin was like, ohhh it's the future?!

Did not like it though. Decided to tell people to watch it because we thought it was horrible and it'd be a big joke to see if people liked it or not. Never actually told anyone though. Oh well.

And you still have my books to read :)

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