Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"this is the first time we've ever seen matt with a girl"

~gary, the husband of one of matt's teacher friends

believe me, that sentence was met with lots of laughter. lots and lots. this was on saturday night when I met a bunch of 8th grade teachers from his middle school. it was fun but certainly a tinge awkward, as they all digressed into talking about their students and there wasn't anything I could say. but by the end of the night all was well, and I even said yes when one of the other teachers asked if I could maybe come talk to her class about science. we shall see...

so, friday was fun--well, except for the part where the hostess at waraji was a total beeotch and said--and I quote "since you're not using all of these seats we're going to take this table so people can sit at it." they totally stole the table. no apology, no reluctance, nada. I'm glad Beth thought to grab her drink. but other than that, good times. :) Kevin sang Happy Birthday to me (he has an awesome and strong voice) and I drank lots and lots of beer and we went bowling. here are some pictures from that night--and I feel kinda bad 'cause matt isn't in the group picture--but I didn't realize he was getting beer! so he gets two close ups.

oh, and, I got ALL SORTS of hilarious or yummy or wonderful birthday things. I may take pictures of some of them, or maybe just of some of the funny cards--music, a fuzzy koozie, blue bell icecream, sushi, coffee from costa rica, liquor, pink elephants (yes, really)--my friends rule. gifts were not necessary, and y'all are far too kind!

saturday AM was the youth sunday practice and I was a leeeetle not together for that one. I did make a point of wearing a kaydee shirt though--I feel like maybe I can break a stereotype or two for our highschoolers. we shall see. anyhoodle, after that was The Shower!

the strata was a huge hit, and there were pies and yummy cheese and fresh fruit (oh strawberries-mmm!) and exquisite company. and the mom-to-be, patty, was fabulous, per usual. it was a little awkward when she asked who was having kids next and I felt like people expected me to answer first, since, you know, I was the only non-married there! I really felt like we all learned a lot!

after an unsuccessful attempt at a nap Matt and I went to his place to make cheesy meatballs and little smokies in bbq sauce for his teacher shindig. and then we went.

and sunday, that was youth sunday itself. I was at church at 8am. That's before I usually get to work, people. fortunately I got a nice long nap that afternoon--and since my sinuses have been going bonkers, it was a very good thing, a very good thing indeed.

other updates since then:
lost in translation--the teacher who wants me to come talk to her class was talking to matt yesterday, and he said that would be great except don't ask me why I'm a Chemical Engineer, since the sum up is that I made straight A's 'cause my mom told me I could go anywhere I wanted for college if I did, and that I picked Chemical Engineering because it's the hardest thing you can do. This? not entirely true. The straight A's part is accurate, but I loved science ever since Mrs. Vincent taught me, and I wanted to be a scientist since 4th grade. (And yes, I've thanked her. repeatedly!) In high school I was told I was the best Chemistry student my teacher had ever had, and my physics teacher asked me if I'd heard of Chemical Engineering, and since I hadn't, I checked it out. It was still science-ee but had many more job opportunities and paid better, so I tried it. later I found out it's the hardest degree to get. this story is a little better, methinks.

pies-matt has already eaten 3/4 of the apple pie, and has somewhat changed his mind about not liking pumpkin pies. he'll still pick apple over pumpkin, but he "kinda likes" the pumpkin pie.

waraji-I called and told the manager of our poor service. she apologized, said she'd talk to the hosting staff, made a note of my name and told me to say hello to her the next time I came in.

monday-I was at work until 740 pm!!! thank goodness for beer, brixx pizza and heroes. matt and I earned our shirts yesterday. this means we're halfway to getting to have a party!

teachers-apparently the non-ongoing-joke is that when I snap matt comes-a-running. they make these jokes about another guy's wife. I guess I've been let into the club. :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

you are probably the busiest little bee in the world. TAKE THAT NAP, DAMMIT. : )

Heather Kathleen said...

matts a teacher and your a scientist? super hero's in the making for sure!

pumpkin is the best!!!

care said...

if you wanna get real specific he's a science teacher and I'm an engineer/scientist. and we're both athletic. it did not take either of our friends long to start making jokes about how we'd have super babies! :)

Jax said...

hahahahaha...Your kids aren't allowed to play with mine. They'll make mine feel dumb. ;) kidding. You guys are cute, though. :)

Heather Kathleen said...

nelly and joe's key lime juice
1/2 cup of juice
16 oz can of condensed sweetened milk
3 egg yolks
gram cracker crust

mix and pour into crust bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

cool for 10 minutes!

PERFECT every time!

Renee said...

my mom keeps telling mike all these stories about why i do things or like things or about people in my life and though they're not technically false, they're also not quite true. so mike has to tell me what she says and then i straighten it out. it's always good to verify the facts. :-)

Jessie said...

I think Mrs. Vincent turned me into a science major, too. I should go find her and tell her that.

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