Wednesday, February 07, 2007

open up my eager eyes ‘cause I’m [Ms.] Brightside

~ the killers

I think I’m definitely getting annoyed here. I just am. It’s annoying. The only games I like to play are ones like Scrabble or Pente or Monopoly. But the cards I’m being dealt right now are more than a little iffy, and I think maybe the best thing to do is fold. I'm tired of always finding the positive or giving the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes I need to pull the switch and turn this part of my personality OFF. Or at least dim the light a little. 'cause I'm getting tired o' the crap, really.

And it makes me think of a little quote Jackie used a while ago. It’s a tinge too profound/deep/meaningful for my particular situation, but it works.

~Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go ~

It’s kind of just a reminder that maybe I should pay a little more attention to myself. And excise the drama. ‘cause, well, I’m not down with drama, dig?

eh. anyhoo. guess I've got some figuring out to do.

Went to my first geee-tar lesson last night. The guy was nice. And FINALLY all of those high-school guitar-playing boyfriends (Fred in particular—can you believe I dated a guy named Fred? I mean, what craziness. But back to your regularly scheduled programming…) paid off—I knew parts of the guitar and how to hold the pick right and stuff like that, so that was good.

He asked me what my “goal” was, though. It was totally out of the blue, but I guess that my goal is to be able to play the guitar. I don’t want to be a soloist or anything. But I want to be able to jam with people and play at church or whatever. That’s like 99.5% of why. The other part is for when Susan and I are the next Indigo Girls, without that whole lesbian aspect. :)

anyhoo, working on that resolution—yee-haw!

ooooh and I need to tell y’all about dream dinners. It’s not so awesome for singletons (unless you're down with eating leftovers), but it’s a factoid to stash away for later in life or for couples or if you like to have dinner parties. They have all the ingredients prepped for you, you just follow the recipe, put ‘em in ziplock baggies and take ‘em home to freeze. There are suggestions for sides and everything!

The kaydees went on Monday and invited our friends. wine + snacks + friends + free food=awesome! We had a really good turn out and since we did a “sneak peek” we all came home with six servings of food for free!

But now I have more food than I know what to do with (poor me, I know--area folks, get ready to come eat at my place!) I went there a few weeks ago and made 18 servings with my friend Patty—18 each. So I have those, all bagged up in three-serving sizes. And then I brought home the two sets of three on Monday (that’s 8 meals total). Plus since I was hostess I got another set of 6 that they made for me ahead of time (now we’re up to 10). AND ‘cause people bought dinners I *think* I’m getting another 3 sets of 6 servings (so now that’s a total of 16 3-serving meals! and I only paid $50 for the whole lot 'cause I got so many free!) That plus the two containers of leftover meatballs from last Thursday’s ladies’ night, plus the bottle of champagne Olivia told me to take, plus the bottle and a half of wine that people didn’t take home.

Anybody wanna come eat at my house? Just don’t bring anything that needs to go to the freezer, ‘cause it’s completely full and I’ve still got a credit of 18 servings to prepare!

It makes me stuffed just thinking about it!

oh and a wediquette question. When do I get to be a Ms. (or Ms without a period, depending) as opposed to a Miss? It makes me a little wacko when I get anything addressed to "Miss." Okay, well that's not true actually. It makes me a little wacko when I get something addressed to "Miss" and I know it's a you-aren't-married kind of a thing. (and I'm talking about mail here, not saying my name, and if you've sent me a letter and you're reading this blog I'm quite certain that I knew that you didn't mean anything that would make me wacko by it, k? maybe dot, 'cause she's cute, but not wacko. now that we've got that covered) But really, if I'm 30 and not married and a successful engineer will manners still dictate that I'm a Miss? I prefer Ms. myself. and not just 'cause it's more professional sounding--it makes my name sound kinda funny if you call me Miss. my friend Jeff actually calls me Madam Carrie for this very reason.

and at some point, this will matter. because right now (if the statistic I heard at sunday school was correct) 51% of households in this nation are run by single women (w/ or w/o families or roommates or whatever). anyhoo.

(ps, hope no one's bothered by the picture. but you're all smiling and your eyes are all open and I think that means it's a good picture for a group. so um, yeah. just roll with it.)


jackie said...

LOVE the Mr. Brightside references.. so true so true..I also LOVE the group pic and deep thoughts as well.. All in all, I give this blog a 10. ;) did you like LOST???!! Curious!!!

Renee said...

i'm always a ms. miss and mrs. were ways to distinguish between married and single women...because it makes a difference. well, it doesn't so the ms. thing was to get away from that since we don't distinguish between the two for men (hence the magazine "Ms.") so i always refer to women, married or single, as ms. and check that box when i fill out forms. it might be silly but sometimes i find "miss" to be condescending, like "missy" or "little miss" or something. when i'm a married person i plan to be ms., but i also don't plan on changing my name but that's a topic for another time.

except for cute teacher/babysitter names. then i'm miss renee, like my mom is miss janet.

anywho, that's my thought. :-)

Christal said...

I always use ms. too. I don't mind being called miss, but it really doesn't happen that often. I do hate ma'am. It makes me feel old.

Mr. Junk said...

Get a doctorate- then you could go by Dr. Carrie!

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