Wednesday, February 28, 2007

let’s all raise a glass to the february finale.

cheers, skoal, l’chaim and salute! Or any other way you wanna say it. because in a few oh-so-short-but-still-of-usual-length hours, this loverly month will be O-V-E-R. thank goodness!

In an effort to be positive, I thought about writing 28 reasons that february isn’t that bad, but I decided it would require too much thinking. And then I thought about writing 28 reasons I hate february in order to get that dislike out—a catharsis, if you will—and decided it would be too depressing.

Instead? Some little factoids…

~if you dream of february it signifies ongoing ill health and gloom.
~february has Valentine’s Day. Thank you oh-so-much, Hallmark.
~its name comes from the Latin word for purification.
~it's spelled funny and its pronunciation is awkward and confusing at best.

~it is national lactose intolerance awareness month.
~february has disaster day (the 5th), lame duck day (the 6th) and toothache day (the 9th).
~even the songs about February aren't chipper.
~and I hate it.

I use the word hate very carefully and about as much as I use the word “never.” I don’t like it, (you could say I hate the word hate, really…) but sometimes it’s appropriate. And this is one of those times. Usually it isn’t worth it to waste emotion on an inanimate object (such as a month) but this month is an exception. Because it is suck-tastic. Clearly, a month with holidays like that is bad news.

And I am super-dee-duper pleased that march begins tomorrow. And that february, while the most miserable month, is also the shortest. I am wearing cheery pink today in recognition of how freaking glad I am that the month-o-doom is coming to an end.

so here’s to us, for making it through february. cheers! high-fives all around! and dance a little jig in honor of the end of crap-ola month! yippee!


turner said...

Oh, come on Carrie, February isn't all THAt bad... well, maybe for us single people.

I mean, you DID get to travel to Texas and party like a rockstar and see all your friends.

But, to be totally honest.. I think February is full of suckage on principal. It's the whole Valentine's Day thing, I feel. I mean, I enjoy a day to spoil my girlfriend/girl... but a lot of time, I' jut stuck at home watching TV in what is supposed to e the most romantic month.

carrie-carrie-bo-berrie said...

Um, Turner, yes it really is that bad...

however, I'll admit this particular february was good, as far as february goes in general, BUT...still hate it.

I'd make a list, but it would just depress me. What I will tell you is that I can think of (counting...)at least eight reasons that february, in general, blows.

y'see, none of those reasons actually includes V-Day, for the record. though this is my first feb as a singleton in a long, long time, V-Day has pretty much nothing to do with why I hate this month. it's why a lot of people don't like it, but not me. it's just icing on the i-hate-february cake.

brooke said...

it's nice having people in the "eff february" club. is that weird? am i wallowing in my month-hate? well, i dont care. cheers to march!

Christal said...

funny, that article is right, Feburary Stars has been(and kind of is) one of my favorite songs of all time.

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