Thursday, December 21, 2006



and the number of fingers used to make the *peace* sign, the *rock* sign and the *hang loose* sign.

only. two. days.


except I'm also sick. still. bleh. and I'm bummed because I got my grade back in my class and I don't like the letter of it. booooo. my final, the one I thought I kicked its arse? yeah, not so much. ugh. I need to go to school full time.

also, question. so, girl and guy have established that they are both sick with the same thing. they have a date planned, and they're both pleased to keep it because, well, who goes on dates if they don't want to keep 'em? anyhoo, so. jokes are made about drinking glasses of robitussin instead of wine, sharing boxes of kleenex and having vitamin c drops as after-dinner mints. wearing "I'm sick" clothes, like pajamas or sweats is mentioned and then decided against. so, girl is thinking about what to wear with jeans...

and she picks a turtleneck. with cute heels. and is told by her friends "noooo! no turtlenecks on dates no matter how cold it is or how crummy you feel. noooo!" is this true? I'm kind of thinking that red-from-blowing noses equal i-don't-have-to-dress-real-sexy. right? right?!? sigh.

eh. whatev.

boys should not like me for my clothes. they should like me for me. I mean, it matters a little, you've gotta dress correctly, but really? It's what's inside that counts (and I'm not meaning inside the clothes, I'm meaning the brain and the heart, sillies).

also, in an audrey-inspired are my new faves for taking care of myself while sick, especially since it's just *whatever bug is going around.* ugh.

aquaphor is incredible. it is helping keep my rudolph-look to a minimum. it's kinda oily, but it's never made me break out and it isn't crazy menthol smelling.

airborne. seems to help. also, don't try the target version in lemon-lime. take my word for it.

vicks vapor inhaler--the benefit of menthol cough drops without the cough drop breath. use sparingly.

sugar free vitamin c drops. soothes your throat, good for you, no extra sugar and no icky cough drop breath.

burts bees lip balm. good all year. don't try the honey kind or the lifeguard kind--one has a terrible consistency and the other turns your lips white!

and tea. thank goodness for tea. this lemon ginger stuff is suuuuper yummy, and I've also been having red rose and also peppermint tea. and I bought this neat little thermos that I keep at my desk--very handy so I have hot liquid constantly!

oh, and? I'm *thinking* about applying for a national leadership position with kappa delta. I'm kind of excited about the idea. Since I graduated I've been trying to give back to the organization that has already given me so much, and this seems like a wonderful opportunity. maybe my life plan will change again, huh? ah, the fun of being young and having the world as your oyster!!!

this, by the way, is a long post. oopsie. ooh, and? new pictures are UP!

two turtle doves.


turner said...

If said turtleneck is flattering (meaning: tight-fitting) then turtlenecks are aceptable

brookeandpaul said...

dear turtleneck? -

the turtleneck is surely cute and not frumpy, and you have already had the big "we are sick" discussion. wear it!

-wearing a turtleneck right now in tulsa

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