Saturday, December 16, 2006


seven is a good number. it's my third favorite. and today was a good day--from midnight on. :) I like days like that.

after the end of my date and not enough hours of sleep, I got to sing for three hours. while this might not sound enjoyable to all of you, it was for me. singing can be really relaxing, if you know the notes.

and then there was the really long nap. and taking pictures of the flowers I was given by a very nice guy. (it was my christmas present and a very very nice suprise. I loooooove flowers. looooove) and planning stuff for the holidays. and talking on the phone. and the one low point of the day--mel gibson's new movie apocalypto. don't see it. it's bad AND it's gory.

and now I sit listening to some music a friend told me about (anybody heard of the be good tanyas or jolie holland?), getting ready to take a bath, read and go to bed.

seven is good.
I like seven.

oh, and here's Gobi and Hazel helping me study. I am pumped about getting back that grade, by the way. I really think I kicked that test's ass.

and, another christmas thing that makes me really happy. last year I got my own nativity scene. I've always loved this one my mom has that's terribly ugly. It's wood and there's this ugly glitter stuff all over it and yuck. But it has meaning. And that's why I liked it. I looked all over the triangle area for a nativity scene that I wanted. I missed it so much on the Christmases when I wasn't at my mom's. And for Christmas last year (well really I got it in May 'cause she never mailed it!) I got this. It's cheesy and I'm sure I don't care. :)

goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

seven swans a swimming.


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