Monday, December 18, 2006


five five five five five.
now we're down to only one hand--and soon we lose thumbkin!
five for the gospel-uh-preachers!


carrie=gloriously happy! and this is a week of chilling out, and seeing friends, and baking pie, and having wine and getting enough sleep. yippee! and I might might might even paint!!!

also, my voice is sore.

and a weird thing: so, I hung out with my friend susan last night and we had some wine and talked about guys. and we think it's weird--a good percentage (um, 66.67%, to be accruate--well, or 66.66 repeating%!) of the guys I've been interested in/flirted with/gone on dates with recently have had names that begin with the letter K. It's kinda crazy. (I sooo wanted to spell that krazy but I just couldn't bring myself to do it...) And Susan? 75% of her guys have names that start with B's. What? Super weird. Super super weird.

I have a most-substanceee post rolling around in my head, but it's still working its way up to being real. five golden rings.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie!

I had a great time last night, the B/K thing is VERY strange, one more K guy for you and we'll be even (too many guys, so little time!)

brookeandpaul said...

HOW do you have an interesting blog EVERY DAY? HOW HOW HOW?

carrie said...

:) thanks for saying it's interesting. I just type what's on my mind...

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