Wednesday, September 13, 2006

tough call: subject to change.


so, I made my decision. well, maybe.

I went to Michael's where a nice girl named Mary helped me with the foam board and all. I got all black and one turquoise, thinking I'd put the picture of Jess, Renee and I that Otto took at Mayfest on that one (he's my *sig O* so he can enter too!) I came home and set out to cut the board--which took a loooong time. And made my hand hurt. But I did it.

I mounted all of the pictures on the boards with this cool spray adhesive stuff--it's repositionable!--and set all nine of them (not counting otto's) against the wall
to evaluate. I stepped back a bit and thought "which ones catch my eye?" The people one was out immediately--the person leaping is off to the side, and it just doesn't look as good far away. The other choices were not so easy.

But here are the six I've chosen. The fruit bowl looks especially stunning against the turquoise foamboard--not overkill, I swear. Plus, it doesn't look quite so neon on the turq.

and two runners up are at the bottom of the post. the impala looks a skosh fuzzy and it's kind of hard to tell what it is from very far away.

anyhoo, if you think I'm making a mistake, let me know. Else, I'm done! I'll submit them on Friday (they're due by 2pm eastern daylight).

PS-Blade's Season Finale was awesome. I pity the fool who didn't watch it (said in my best Mr. T voice, which, admittedly, sounds better in my head than it does in reality).
PPS-This is my four-hundredth post. Zowee!
PPPS-I think Hazel has an eye infection. :( I'm taking her to the vet on Saturday anyway, so I'm secretly hoping it will clear up or at least not get worse, and I can wait to take her until then, since I won't have a car today and tomorrow is the day before the appt (plus I would have to drop her off, not stay)...hmm.


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