Friday, February 17, 2006


valentine's day

so, not my fave holiday, but one where you do owe someone a gift. otto got me pretty flowers, see? it's a pity that the pink ones got droopy the next day. and it's also a bummer that in my effort to be uber cute, looking up the meaning of the flowers, i discovered that orange lilies mean hatred. Of course Otto didn’t know that (and y’all didn’t either, don’t lie) but it let me to thinking…and…

so, what I want to know is, who the hell sends "i hate you” flowers? I mean, somebody had to ascribe meaning to the flowers right? Roses, Daffodils, Dandelions, Cyclamen, Daisies, etc. Who thinks, “You know what? Some day someone’s going to have to send flowers to someone else because they hate that person, and I’m going to make sure that’s possible. Riiiight.

This is the pizza we baked on Tuesday. I made the crust from scratch and everything. When I started to make it I realized that I didn’t have any yeast, and went to the grocery store to buy some. I then did the plastic trees a favor and put the yeast in my purse instead of taking a bag, and I am STILL finding yeast in my purse. There are packets everywhere.

this is a pretty tree.

I like it. Kinda makes me think of the double-helix shape of dna. Because I’m that bigga nerd.

mmmm beer...

And here are four of the five glasses I’ve acquired in the last week. The Blue Moon and Newcastle were *ahem* removed, the Warsteiner was given per my request and I picked up the Great Minds glass at the Flying Saucer on Wednesday. The other side of it says the Great Divide Brewing Company.

The fifth I got last night.

here’s to all my sisters

and to hell with all the misters…

Okay, well I don’t mean that second part, but we had an awesome time last night. Four of us met for a three-hour happy hour at Carolina Ale House. It was so much fun. We talked about all sorts of stuff, and I love love loved it. And it was amazing that there were four girls from four different schools/states who just happened to meet because they were in the same sorority. Alabama, Illinois, North Carolina and Oklahoma were all represented… This is reason number four million and twelve that being Greek can be swell. (But for the record, it can stink sometimes too!) And as Brooke mentioned, sometimes it's a little weird too. But I like it. :)

The glass I got last night was also given per my request. On one side it says “you say pint glass” and the other side shows a little sumo guy holding the pint glass saying the words “I say shot glass.” It’s for Kirin Ichiban. I’m excited because next week’s Saucer glass is Abita Purple Haze. Otto and I have quite the pint glass collection, and I’m enjoying adding to it…


we’re going to Richmond this weekend. No more heaven and hell party ‘cause otto has to be at the airport at 330am on Monday, and driving 5-6 hours to Raleigh from Newark, DE with a huge hangover since you partied until 5am is not a good way to start a business trip. So instead we’re going to Richmond and coming back early on Sunday.


I have a song stuck in my head and I’d like to share…are you ready?

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo…

And the best line of all…

Men drinking beer with the foam afloat heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo


have a fantabulous one!!!


Mr. Junk said...

You know, Granny gives Mom orange lilies every now & again.

And I'm fairly certain that Granny knows what orange lilies supposedly mean...

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