Monday, February 27, 2006


So, the weekend got zanier. I slept for 33 hours this weekend, beginning at noon on Friday and ending at 6pm on Sunday. On Saturday Otto only made it out of bed for about an hour and a half, maybe less. Saturday after I woke up from my six hour nap I decided to paint. (and watch the end of Buffy. I've now seen all of the episodes except the swim team one, which I didn't see because when my ex-husband Justin and I were watching that disc he watched that one without me and convinced me to just skip it. i didn't mind, except they referred to that one in one of the last few episodes of the series. oh well. anyhoo.)

I began the background, and then asked Otto what I should paint on the rest of it. I got some suggestions,(barn, flowers, tree et al), one of which was a cow. I kind of laughed it off, and continued working on the background. I finished it while watching the Devil’s Advocate (which, by the way, is a creepy movie).

So, yesterday afternoon I was talking to my mom, and asked her what to paint. She told me corn, then a house, then a green tractor, and I said how Otto had suggested that I paint a cow. She said yes, yes, do that. And we laughed....because when I was much younger, Anna and I were in the Christmas musical at our church, and we were the cows all brown and red. My mom went EVERYWHERE looking for cow print fabric, to no avail. She ended up sewing felt onto white sweatpants and sweatshirts. The next year, cowprint was everything. My mom has also had this happen looking for sunflowers and black-and-white checkers. Creepy.

Also, when I was younger I saw my first color copier. It was in the shopping center behind the grocery store on 31st and Harvard. There was a little mom-and-pop copy shop, and they’d just gotten their color copier in. My mom had drawn this trippy picture of a cow, and the man stretched it wide, and then made the cow tall, and reversed the colors and stuff. VERY cool.

So, um, I painted a cow. And a barn, for fun.

My feet are better, by the way. Not all better, not run a marathon better, but better. Except now I’m afraid I’m getting what Otto had.:(

So what to paint next? I might try a money tree or some jade. (thanks for the suggestion, brooke!—I have both of these in my house, so they’re my houseplants…)


David said...

Cows, all brown and red.

Wow, I haven't thought about that in years and years. Thanks for the good, happy memory that made me smile. You rock!

Mr. Junk said...

Wasn't I a dog or something in that? I can't recall beyond wishing I had the cool spider costume that one of the other guys had.

Some ideas for paintings:
Gracie Dog (NOT a person, mwah!)
A Dr. Pepper can, because Coke isn't as good.
A bicycle.
A computer. Call me weird, but I think a computer would look cool in the style that you paint in.
Squirrels. Lots and lots of Squirrels.
A penguin.

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