Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I think I'm too motivated. Or, rather, I think they think I'm too motivated. Because, well, maybe I am, at least in my chosen field. I asked for some work to do today, or something to read, and I totally got the "let's just ease you into this." It was the engineering equivalent of "chill out and be patient." Which, though fine, is also a bit disappointing seeing as how I'm totally willing to jump right in. Oh well. Other than that it was pretty good though. It's a very well-organized company. And the benefits are swell. And I have my own office until at least October (eventally I'll share it, but the room's a pretty good size). The desk it old old old, but that's okay too. Apparently we'll maybe be moving buildings in a few months, so I may get a new one.

Oh, and I really don't like watercolor paints. I mean, I used to. But now not so much.

A question: how does one become less motivated? Or, at least, behave that way? I mean, without sacrificing productivity and all...


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