Wednesday, August 17, 2005

moles, converse and thermo--oh my!

So, what gives? I have a connection speed of 100 Mbps if I use the ethernet cord, and only 1-5.5 Mbps if I use the wireless. Is it my router (which is a six months for free loaner from TWC) or what? And while we're at it, I can't figure out how to properly secure my connection. I mean, I've tried, but to no avail.

So, insurance companies don't like me. Or maybe they do. People like me are the ones who ruin it for everyone else--who give the insurance people the justification for raising their premiums. I now have more to add to the list. Sinus infection # eleventy billion and a mole removal, amongst other things. They are sending it off for testing, but he said it was probably just fine.

Work is still going rather well. The days go by fast, and I stand up most of the day, which is nice. The only bad thing is that the guy I work for (who I mentioned before) wears oodles of cologne. oodles. To cover up his breath or B.O. or something. And it smells like CKOne or something. Yick.

I almost bought pink converse yesterday. Almost. Sterling things I should, seeing as how he bought converse yesterday. They aren't pink though, as far as I know.

This weekend, the beach!
And homework. My first thermo assignment is posted...I'm rather concerned. I can't be brave about this one since sometimes thermo can be really really hard.

I think I'm going to have to take homework to the beach house (I know, I know). But I have those six problems due Thursday, and two lectures to watch before I do the homework. No good.

But this will be worth it, right? Right?? RIGHT???

I finished Wicked today. It was good. Makes me want to read the Wizard of Oz. It's so funny, because this author is completely taking other people's good ideas and making money on 'em. It's all the American way.

Speaking of the American way...I have another question. Do any of y'all wear the same clothes more than one day in a row? I mean, I'll wear the same jeans or shorts, if they're clean, but I don't ever wear the same shirt, even if it's clean. I don't even like to wear the shirt more than once a week. But people at my work do it all the time. One has worn the same clothes for the past THREE days. Did I miss a memo?

Quote of the week: "Maybe the mole was my sanity, and they removed it."

and I'm out.


Mr. Junk said...

Wait, since when did you have sanity? I thought you lost yours before I was even born. Not that I can find mine. Maybe it's at the bottom of that ravine.


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