Wednesday, June 01, 2005

moving in

that's what I'm up to. Moving in. there's been lots of painting and organizing and stuff. Except my clothes are still all over the bedroom. Wanna come visit? Jessica is. And maybe my friend Dustin. And this weekend? Yeah, going to Charleston with a bunch of ladies. Wahoo!

I've been a little frustrated recently though. Seems that my old landlord isn't going to invite me to his shindigs, which is a-o-k with me. Except that it seems that there's more to it than that--when I asked his best friend Teddy how the weekend shindig went, and all that jazz (mind you Teddy was extremely drunk and may very well have had alcohol poisoning) and said they should invite me in the future 'cause I'm a hell of a lot of fun (mind you I was also rather tipsy) he said "yeah, but you have a boyfriend." Which apparently means they can't invite me, even though they know they guy. I don't think that Jeff and Teddy like him very much, but that's 'cause 1)each of them has had a crush on me and 2)they suck. At least important people (like Audrey and Ariel and others with half a brain) think he's awesome, but it still pissed me off. Teddy basically told me that I could be invited in the future if I could come to things by myself. How immature.

But this does prove the whole theory about JEff having feelings for me. Even our HR person (who is a year older than me) said she thought that was the case. She was also rather drunk. Did I mention I went to a raging party on Saturday? Yeah, I did. I kind of left a little early (at midnight) and the cops got called. They were being awful loud and had to take the dance party inside. Funny, huh?


Okay, posting done for now. More soon. And pics of the new place!


Sterling said...

Can I mention how cool it is that you know someone named Ariel? And not in a "Little Mermaid is a great movie" kind of way, but in a "That's a really great name" kind of way.

And anyone who won't invite you to a party because of a boyfriend sucks. A lot.

Everyone should invite you to a party; you're fab- you -lous!

And I'll be in Atlanta for the weekend, if you want to come down and join me!

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