Tuesday, June 28, 2005

is it okay?

So, I'm going through a huge cleaning out of my stuff phase. I'm throwing away or giving away tons (or tonnes!) of stuff, from dishes and cookware to clothing to well, random shit. So, amongst other things, I'm going through my pictures and getting rid of ones I don't want. I'm keeping all of my negatives, but I'm getting rid of the pictures. I have never thrown pictures away like this before.

What I need approval for is this: I'm chucking pretty much all of my pictures with Justin, Derrick, Fred, Micah, etc in them. there's a few I'll be keeping, like the group shot from prom, or ones from camp that are supercute or whatever, but for the most part I'm chucking them. And of course, I have the most of Justin. I'm going to mail or as Jessica to transport the wedding pics I have and give them to my Granny because there's a lot in there of our family, but other than that they're going.

I feel like I should feel remorse or something. But I don't. I feel like saying "good riddance" and brushing some pretend dust off my hands and going and having a beer in celebration. And then I'd like to take a nap or a bubble bath or something. Ooh, or eat more yummy sushi. (The new place we went last night was awesome. Very yummy. VERY. We had a California Roll, Spicy tuna, Tuna with cucumber, Yellowtail and RTP Roll. The RTP roll was SO GOOD! And the edamame was as well. And through a small miscommunication we ended up getting everything rolled inside out, but that ended up being a good thing. Man, sushi is good. It's another thing on my list of things I thought I didn't like but decided to try and now I think they're great. Sushi. Beans (of all types). Beer. I still don't like mushrooms or mayo that much though. But I digress) Right, enough rambling.

I think I need to look for more jobs. The interview went well, but no use putting all my eggs in one basket. Might as well look around some more, eh?

Time to get ready for another day at work.


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