Monday, April 15, 2013

two hundred and thirty four.

tonight I am sleeping in my own bed. our nice king bed. all by myself.

matt is sleeping in cleona's room. she is sick and fussy and needs attention. so she gets it.

but tonight is noteworthy because its the first night I won't be sleeping in the same room as her. which is very freeing and also makes me tear up a little.

I hear a lot of moms lament how their baby is growing up...but that's not what tugs at my heart strings. I mean, I'm really looking forward to her being five. and eight. And even fifteen!

It's just...I miss her. I like having her near me. She will just get a few extra kisses when she wakes up to nurse. :)


Climber Mom said...

totally get that. we moved tyler out much younger and it was equally as hard. but i think if we'd waited it would have just gotten worse. i loved rolling over and just looking at him at night, now we just used the video monitor:) i do love that he's in his own room, but we miss him sometimes too.

When he was sick a few weeks ago he ended up in our room for about a week and it was hard then to send him back (good too, but...)

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