Monday, February 11, 2013


is not for the faint of heart.
or those who require copious amounts of sleep.

except maybe it is. you could argue that I fell into the above categories. and I'm told it is terribly obvious--I absolutely adore being a momma.

this little girlie sure is hilarious! her giggles are infectious and practically EVERYONE notices her everywhere she goes. we went out to brunch today with a lovely gift certificate (thanks grandmom and pop pop!) and I kid you not---people were stepping up to our table to make googley eyes at my baby girl. she shares her smiles and smizes and winks!

I am trying to teach her to high five. in twelve days she will get her first solids--my plan is local sweet potatoes! She can almost sit on her own!

Everyone laments how Cleona is growing too fast....but little CeeCee isn't doing that--she's growing so wonderfully! And it's so fantastic seeing her change and develop! I am impressed with her, proud of myself for growing her and feeding her and totally in awe.

She is still teeny--in the 13lb range. I bet she will get to 14 for her next appt later this month. The RSV/bronchiolitis set her back a little weight wise too. But she is strong, smart and observant!

Last thing--one of her favorite things that I do is return her smile. Sometimes she scrunches up her face with her eyes closed tight and then opens her eyes while letting her whole face explode into a grin. She LOVES it when I do that to her! It makes her smile all the way to her little tiny toes! :)


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