Thursday, October 11, 2012

i love baby snuggles.

And they are what's getting me through this.

Cleona fed from 4-7am. I had a breakdown. Matt came home after teaching so he could watch her while I slept. This was NECESSARY. And I am grateful.

When he came to wake me so I could shower before the KD event (I'm an advisor and really needed to be there) he put Cleona down beside me to be cute since we were both wearing while. Immediately he said "wow, this is the calmest she has been in the last hour!"

Oh, the power of the momma. :)

We decided to try to nurse side-lying. And let me tell you--it combines cuddles AND relaxing. We will totally do it again.

Time for sleeping now. Fingers crossed that the growth spurt is coming to an end!
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