Sunday, August 05, 2012

thirty things in august. five.

the five things that make me the most happy right now...

1. all things having to do with growing my little girl (except, like, swelling feet, swellings hands and back pain, and the like). I love feeling her kick and move. and I love it when Matt gives the belly a kiss at night and says "goodnight little 'na"
2. in a related vein to #1--NEWBORN PROPS. oh goodness. I have gone overboard a smidge. and I am totally okay with that. it's a business investment, yes?
3. tin roof icecream. bought in north carolina! I still can't believe that they finally, finally sell blue bell icecream in my neck of the woods. AND that we managed to find two gallons of tin roof. I've been hoarding it, honestly. thank goodness for our upright freezer!
4. having crafty ideas in my head and having them turn out fabulously. e.g. the cleona name banner and the little leaves on the headbands I made her. ooh, and painting the buffet aged copper (although it's made Matt curse a lot in the process) and painting that $17 piece of furniture from upstairs a color called "violet aster." Carrie = laeta!
5. fresh north carolina peaches. yummmmm-city!


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