Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I gave up on the thirty in thirty.

sorry. I wanted to do it, really I did. And I am enjoying reading what others are writing. But I'm not gonna go back and catch up, and what I *really* want to be doing isn't blogging a 30 in 30.

I need to blog the rest of our weeks over here...

and I wanna make more of these. (which I'm selling some of here)

and I wanna nap every chance I get. :)

I also have two books I want to finish (one about breastfeeding--I'm on "natural law" 5 of 7! and the second in the Deborah H@rkness series

and I have aspirations of finishing the crib skirt tonight! (we'll see if that happens. it's not urgent. she won't stay in there for months, anyway!)

and I think I'd like to find/create an end-of-pregnancy-blog-summary thing to do. maybe? maybe.  we shall see.

also, things I might be discussing soon:

birth plans
flower pictures
placenta encapsulation
when you become a mother (hint: the answer is not, IMHO, when you give birth!)
aaaaaand a recipe.

yep. I know you're waiting with bated breath :)


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