Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"carbonated water, natural flavor."

I appreciate that those are the only two ingredients listed on the seltzer water I just drank. Sometimes I want a cold, fizzy beverage without the calories, sugar or artificial sweetener. And that fits the bill. :)

I am having one of those days where I feel pulled in eleven directions at once. So. here's-a-what-I'm-a-gonna-do. Let's list it out to make me feel better. Ready? This is probably going to be mostly boring, but maybe you will have insight. And the last one will be fun, I promise.

being responsible:

-make time to get added onto the account matt opened at secu
-make a dinner menu and STICK TO IT (I am good about making it, not so good about sticking to it)
-talk to an accountant in oklahoma and an accountant in nc to figure out the legality of all of the money stuff. post haste.
-find out more about my options for short term d!sability. I am hopeful that I'll have to use that next year and we just got word that work changed it--we now have to take 2 weeks of vacay, not 1, before it kicks in AND we get 60% instead of 66% pay. While I'm thankful to get maternity coverage at all, I still think this is craptastic. Especially doubling the time before it kicks in.


-I will be working furiously to finish up all of my outstanding photography work. I have two weddings to finish, plus multiple sessions. And I have more coming up. Must. Make. Time.
-I will also be working on some photography blogs. My goal is to get at least six completed at then prepare them to be posted on a schedule. We'll see how this goes.
-Update ye olde website. This keeps getting back-burner-ed.


-For the love of all that is holy, I MUST put some clothes away. My overflowing laundry basket of clean clothes is ridiculous.
-there's a long list here, for sure, but another priority for me is getting the living room finalized. I think we are about 70% of the way there. I'm having a heck of a time trying to slipcover the chairs (I may resort to the staple gun on the underneath of the back of the chair and just hope no one notices--but now I've told you my secret!). I just made the top of our shelf all pretty on Saturday, and I'm working on it.


-confession--Matt and I are still working on a budget. We are actively spending less, saving more and paying down debt, but stupid walk-all-over-ya and the merger and all made things messy. hence the getting on the account he opened thing. we are working on it.

And I know that plenty of people love D@ve R@msey, but I gotta be honest--we are still reeling from that stupid book of his where it took us a zillion pages to get to anything remotely resembling instruction only to find out we had already done the first step. And, what I really want, in this age of digital awesome, is for someone to say--here you go, Carrie--here's an easy-to-follow, comprehensive spreadsheet that will help you and Matt assess your income, expenses and see how nicely your amount of debt is lowering each month, and when you will hit the point of zero debt. I want to plug in some numbers and run with it. We have a spreadsheet but I find it clumsy and complicated.

anyway, moving on.

-also, a few of my clients have paid me in cash recently (thank you!) and instead of depositing that, we are playing the see-how-long-it-can-stretch game.


-crafts are fun, right? This weekend's goal is a fall wreath! I love love LOVE the one from Renee last year but since it hung on our front door for like eight months, I feel like I need something else for now. :) I have some burlap and some yarn and I want to get some felt too.

I have some inspiration here.

-it's halloween weekend! Matt and I have our costumes all figured out, but I have to make them. hint: it involves, amongst other things, freezer paper stenciling and a trip to the liquor store. :)

-figuring out what to wear for work's halloween party on monday

-and going to the KD Initiati0n at Bet@Ch! will be fun too. Or, um, I hope so. Mostly that has been want-to-pull-out-my-hair-feeling-inducing, but oh well!

and the rest? well, it can wait. for now. :)


Leanne said...

I totally hear you on the Dave Ramsey book - tell me what I need to know and that's it. Jarrod and I have a spread sheet that I'm happy to share with you - it's got formulas set up already so we know how much we have left over/have to put somewhere so that the budget zeros out. It also keeps track of our debt in a formula too. Each month is a separate sheet within the same excel spreadsheet so keeping track of things month to month (like debt going down!) is easy. It takes a while of living it before it gets easier, but definitely worth the effort and y'all are doing an awesome job!

And yay for any disability insurance, but it definitely sucks that it changed. It's pretty cheap to purchase independently to supplement, I've heard and comes in super handy for things like bedrest and maternity. And especially if you need to take BOTH.

Reid said...

I'm totally obsessed with carbonated water these days too. I like the black cherry flavor. :)

Elizabeth said...

PS That was me, not Reid posting!

Greg said...

Busy schedule!
Good luck with the budget.
I went through Dave Ramsey's stuff years ago, and it is worth it. Debt-free aside from my home. I do wish that there was a cliff-notes version of it though. Agree it would be nicer to jump start more quickly on it.
It is amazing how much better it will make you feel when you can do everything with cash as opposed to credit. It takes a little will and sometimes being a bit stubborn, but stay the course.

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