Monday, March 21, 2011

"I'm gonna run right up this hill..."

"summer sky or winter chill." ~mindy gledhill

let's be clear--that running thing is a metaphor. I'm not going to actually be running. because, as you may know, I don't run unless there's a ball involved. or, I suppose, someone is chasing me. :)

anyhoo, my dear friend renee introduced me to this song. and I love it.

so, let's do a "1.5 weeks after lent began" update.

the good: I've been very very good about avoiding the word "busy."

the bad: I haven't been so good about that whole exercising thing. I was SO GOOD for three consecutive days. but then I had a weekend with a fabulous bridal shower followed by a one year old's bday party followed by a St Patty's night out. And the next day I had three photoshoots. And the last thing I wanted to do was exercise.

and then? well, then I got lazy. I actually did exercise on St Patty's Day (don't judge!)--I think that dancing to 4 (or was it 5) wii dance song things totally counts. I broke a sweat and I was a little sore the next day. :)

And then we walked yesterday. So....that brings me to 5 times of exercising. We have, what, 34 days left. I need to exercise 25 of those 34 days. Looks like I'll be walking or visiting the gym when we're in Ohio and Florida!

on the positive side: I'm exercising tonight and I already have plans to go to the Power Yoga class at work during my lunch tomorrow. SO I will knock out two more days that way. :D

also, this weekend? me and Durham? yeah, we got hitched. You can see lots of pictures here but I've uploaded some of my faves below. Basically, this event involved local beer, food trucks and a commitment to the fabulous city in which I live--to take care of it, to say nice things about it, to elect responsible officials and hold them to their promises. Oh, and to shop locally when you can.

We TOTALLY do all of those things already. But now it's official :) You commit to do so as long as you live in Durham (and, I imagine, as long as you hold Durham in your heart, which I'm sure I always will).

Fr@nk St@sio from The St@te of Things was there, and Jennifer and I got a picture. He's the one with the Bull horns. And when the marriage ceremony called for a ring? Yep, they put a bull ring on his nose! Ha! That's some Fullste@m beer you're seeing here AND the food truck with the eyes and top hat? Yep, that's my very favorite one, Kl@usie's pizza. I would drive for an hour to eat their pizza! MMMM! Also, please note Matt's funny note on Fullste@m's bar--"If we get divorced I get the ballpark." The "more cowbell" is also his doing. He makes me giggle.

anyway--the pictures. feast.your.eyes. :D

a few other highlights from the pictures--that's Jennifer and me doing the hokey pokey, and that's our dear friend Camper at Fullste@m. Thought Jen and I were quite sad that all of the first frost persimmon beer was gone (despite being mentioned TWICE on their chalkboard) he hooked us up with some red pepper hefeweizen (which was sold out for good before 8pm) and gave us a beer on the house, even. I told him he was a fantastic salesperson. Because he is. That man featured in the picture? Bought the same beer we had. And I bet he loved it, too.

and, on a totally-unrelated-but-still exciting note, tonight once I'm home and it's dinner time I'm doing something I've never done before--cooking with mushrooms. you might know that I'm the girl who says "I'll eat pretty much anything without mushrooms or mayonnaise." But today, I'm going to enjoy some local shiitake mushrooms. I am planning on having a frittata today and we'll have pasta with mushrooms another day this week. WHOA! watch out world, Carrie is eating mushrooms. voluntarily. :)

ps: yay for the longest post I've written in a loooooong while. and with pictures! (pats self on back)


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