Wednesday, December 01, 2010

i keep wanting to update.

but updating seems to require pictures. either downloading or taking.

e.g. I want to tell you about thanksgiving but I have yet to download the single picture I took.
additionally, I want to tell you about blanket progress, but alas, I keep forgetting to take a picture.

what I DO want to tell you is that I'm ready for it to get cold here. like, blisteringly chilly. I'd like snow please. and hot soup. and lots of blankets. I'd like to have power when that happens, though, if that's not too much to ask.

hands down, no contest--my least favorite thing about living in NC is that there's not a real winter here. I miss the snow. a lot. but man oh man do I love the trees here!

speaking of holiday-ish things...Matt and I really need to get on that. Our tree is still in the garage. With all of the ornaments. And I still have my super-awesome fall wreath on our door. I have a really lovely Christmas one, and it needs to go up. It's also officially time to start listening to Christmas music. :) Also, as a part of this Christmas season, my father-in-law discovered our mutual dislike for anything Christmas-related before Thanksgiving. Hence, N0rdstroms is our new favorite store. For the record, I don't count choir practicing in that list, because starting the cantata on the practice after Thanksgiving sounds like a miserable way to do it!

and now it's time to drink more mint tea. :)


Maria said...

I'd like some snow too please! :)

Maria said...

Oh, and totally unrelated to this post, but I'm thinking about running a half marathon on the Outer Banks in April (Flying sounds cool to me). Is that far from you?

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