Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it's my [blog] and I'll [post it later] if I want to.

um, yeah. so much for that whole october is awesome plan. 21 days was a good start though, yes? and then it got a little crazy. okay, a lot crazy. but that's okay, 'cause I finished it right up. just now. but about that craziness...

perhaps it was the four weddings I photographed.
or the amazing 30th birthday weekend.
or the beer festival.
or the fabric shopping.
or maybe, just maybe, it was the nine photo sessions.
or the copious amount of beer.

but somehow, some way, I ended up behind. like, in life. and I am still playing catch-up. I'm booking sessions like gangbusters, but my to-edit list is long. good news: I am not burned out. bad news: I probably can't keep up this pace without reaching there sometime soon. I have two weddings left--one this weekend and one in December. when i'm done I will have photographed thirteen weddings. my dear friend nicole does this full time and photographed like 27 or something. which tells me that I booked too many and I need to pare it down for next year. at least I had a TON of fun doing it :)

on the blogging list:

cheese making
birthday festivities
everything apple
and some other goodies. soon, I hope!


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