Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sometimes I wonder if I'm making things up

or exaggerating. I mean, yeah, between my two jobs I work a lot. I work weekends, I work evenings and I work days. But I like what I do, and generally enjoy both the engineering and the photography.

and I knew October was going to be a smidge nutso, so I've tried to schedule in down time and all that good stuff. I mean, I even took Monday off to rest since I had a wedding on Saturday and another wedding on Sunday.

but, um, my body is telling me that my efforts aren't working. I'm being plagued by something that last happened to me SIX years ago, right around this time of year. there was a lot of sh*t going on then--and I'd link to it, but it happened before I even had a blog!! as it turns out, I have something called per1eche. or angular che1itis. (those 1s are ls, people--I just don't want the go0gle monster to find me!) before forewarned there are pictures--but here's a description, check it. right now it isn't too bad, and they've called in a prescription, and I should be right as rain in no time. definitely before my birthday!

but since I know it's not a vitamin deficiency, and since I don't wear dentures, I don't lick my lips (and they aren't chapped) and since this is what happened last time--this means it's a compromised immune system. i.e., allergies + stress + not enough sleep = problem. which means that no, I'm not just being wimpy--this is the real deal, and I need to do better with the whole taking-care-of-myself thing.

this makes me want to leave work early and take a nap :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

ack! bless your heart. :( get yourself better quickly, birthday girl!!! :)

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