Saturday, October 30, 2010

october is awesome. thirty.

in october, i love: cooking. I love making all the warm foods in october--the soups, the baked pastas, the casseroles. and this october olivia, jennifer and I had a cheesemaking adventure-slash-failure-slash-butter-making-success! I love using all of the squashes and leafy greens. I'm getting hungry just typing this!

ps: you MUST try this. I think it is the bees knees--and my new favorite dinner recipe! It's something Matt can make, and I have started asking for it probably once a week--though he usually only relents every other week. (though it is my new favorite, he just thinks it's "good" and therefore isn't thinking about it all the time like I am, ha!)


Jessica said...

I've never cooked with sage. Is it a fresh herb or dried? I would leave it out, but it seems to be a key ingredient. And I'm intrigued by the squash, I've never cooked that either!

care said...

we use fresh. and before this I'd never used sage either. we buy the little clamshell at the grocery store.

oh, and although if you're totally motivated you could do so, matt and I opt to just toss the end of the squash rather than de-gunk/seed it. we don't need that additional food anyway, it is hardly any extra squash and we are semi-lazy. :)

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