Thursday, April 22, 2010

"all the riches, baby, don't bring what your love can bring..."

~gwen stefani

man, I haven't listened to that in but today? today it's on my playlist. courtesy of renee. :)

so, another thing I wanted to talk to you about today was the reusable bag. I use them. constantly. Christmas 2007 Renee gave me a baggu. I had no idea those things existed, but I would try to either use as few bags as possible, bring a tote bag or go without a bag entirely.

Doing that was a help.
Using a reusable bag all the time was fantastic!

I have tried a bunch of brands--baggu, envirosax, skeeda, the lowes foods insulated one, the kroger wine bottle bag, and various ones that clip, fold and the like. string bags, produce bags, the gamut.

the important thing is that they all WORK.

I like my baggus when I have a smaller purse or we're putting them in Matt's pocket. Or when I'm carrying a lot of things because I think they are easiest when you have to carry multiple bags at a time.

(photo from baggu's website)

I like my envirosax because they are PRETTY! and I like to have them in my purse if I'm carrying a bigger one because they seem to be less confusing to cashiers (with my baggu they seem confused by the little pouch when I throw it in the bottom of the bag.

(photo from envirosax website)

I like my skeeda when I'm carrying something heavy, or that I'm going to need to be able to access. They make great car bags, too! and though I have not yet done so, you can have them monogrammed!

(photo from skeeda website)

and, in honor of earth day, you can get some pretty awesome deals...

like at baggu, if you enter the code "earth10" you get free shipping!

and if you go to you can get a free bag by entering the code EDAYFREE.

and at skeeda, by making a purchase you get a free one of their olive bags--no coupon required! so though I own the "eggshell" and "peony," today I ordered the "tangerine" too--and I will be giving away my free one! yay for GIVEAWAYS!

to have a chance to win, comment on this blog with something you are doing (or did) for earth day/month. you have until April 30th to comment! you can comment as many times as you like, but each comment must be about something different you did! :)

ps: now slim shady is playing. seriously, gwen stefani, the hand jive song from grease, now slim shady. I love this playlist!


renee said...

for our wedding we received a present wrapped in a whole foods reusable bag. i thought that was such a great idea! the bags are cheaper than a gift bag and it useful!

(thanks for the shout out!)

{lauryl} said...

i love my baggu bags. i have lots of big trader joe's bags that i use for grocery shopping, but having a baggu bag in my purse means that i never need a plastic bag ANYWHERE, not even for the unplanned shopping! ;-)

Maria said...

Oh, I'm not too late! I'll be making a few comments.

For Earth Day 2010, I had a giveaway, but I won't count that...this time.

I planted herbs with TB this morning. I use this as an opportunity to talk to him about how we grow our own and how this is better for the environment.

Nicole Faby said...

For earth month we spread the love and gave reusable bags in our mothers day baskets to hopefully get them hooked too. I also bought Luke a Sigg water bottle instead of the danons he normally usues!

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