Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pressurize not propel.

I have a genuine appreciation for handy-dandy oil that can be sprayed on pans and cookie sheets and the like. It is SO easy. It makes less of a mess and uses WAY less cooking oil. Makes Carrie happy.

So, for a while now I've been happily going along trying different sprays--usually whatever was on sale--opting for organic or "good for you" oils or whatever just to see if something became my favorite.

and then.

Over Christmas my niece-to-be Bridget and my mother-in-law-to-be Rosemary and I were making Sausage Balls for the family. (thank you, Nicole, for the recipe. yum!) And when we got to the spray-down-the-cookie sheet part Rosemary was so excited to show me the Misto. They don't use it very often, she explained, but she thought I'd like it and brought it out special just for me.

and she was right. we bought one three days later.

So, what is this "misto" contraption, you ask? Well, it's basically a bottle that you pour oil in, pressurize it and voila! --a fine oil mist is available for you at the press of a button. It cost us like ten whole dollars (or was it 15) at bb&b, though I'm sure it's sold elsewhere.

reasons I like it:
1. see this? it is the list of ingredients on my organic pam. see that very last item on the list? yep, that'd be propellant. makes you just want to eat that stuff right up.

now, my dear friend google and my other friend goodsearch tell me it might be nitrous oxide (which isn't scary) or it might be some other stuff. I don't know and I don't care. I have an alternative and I KNOW what's going into it.

2. this, in my opinion, is WAY more eco-friendly. even if the propellants are totally innocuous, it's still superior. if I take reasonably good care of this misto thingie it'll be in my kitchen for years to come. so that's only ONE container, not, oh, 2ish per year. Plus, I can fill it with the oil of my choice (bonus!) and I don't have to drive to the store to get more for muuuuuch longer.

and? it's cute :)

I am SO GLAD Rosemary showed me this! I already had far too much fun making sausage balls with bridget (she was a HUGE help) but this was icing on the cake!


Maria said...

Here is my (honest) dilemma. I had a pressurize bottle from Pampered Chef, and I ended up chucking it (OK, recycling it) because it would leak oil all over and the spray was really concentrated, so I ended up needing a cloth to spread it in the pan. How is this one performing-- long run and in spillage/running down the side of the bottle? I'm intrigued.

katandkarl said...

we called our mister misto. hmmmm. i wonder where that thing went! i loved it.

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