Tuesday, December 08, 2009

um, this always comes out wrong when I say it...

(sorry in advance!) but a couple of people have said this to me in person/email/on the blog, so... just fyi--in the field of engineering, a masters isn't a masters. not all masters are created equal. and not all masters will be worth something to potential future employers.

here's the thing: I have a bachelors in Chemical Engineering. In the engineering world, it is generally regarded as the most versatile and most difficult to obtain engineering degree. I'm not bragging--I'm stating the facts.

A while ago I hemmed and hawed about it, but I can't find the post. So:

I've already taken a kindagigantic step down in "potential worthiness of my degree" by not going for another Chemical Engineering degree. This isn't my opinion or my perception--this is also fact. Civil Engineering is great and all, but as someone explained to me, having a ChE BS and getting my Masters in Civil is kind of like buying a really expensive car and putting mediocre tires on it--yeah, it's good, and the car is still nice, but it could be so much better with top-of-the-line tires. But, it still gets you from point A to point B, so it's still useful. It could just be better.

Likewise, but to a greater extent--as I understand it, in the engineering world, getting a MA is soooooooo not the same thing as getting an MS. (I am NOT knocking your Masters or Bachelors if yours is of Arts and not of Science--I am telling you what things are in my field, okie dokie?) And that's the thing I was alluding to in the last post--I am just not sure if it's worth it to get a MA instead of MS. I do not know if my effort would be worth the reward. I need to find out more though.

I mean, I would definitely enjoy learning new information. But I also have to be practical--is it worth working hard (but less hard than I am now, hopefully!) to get my masters and enjoy it but have it not be worth very much? Do I plan on staying in a very "scientific" field? (I don't know.) Do I want to commit to even more years of school? (yes and no.) Do I need to learn more about all of this? (yes.)


I guess I just have a lot to think about. But regardless, I REALLY appreciate all the comments and support and the questions too--it helps me digest the info :)


Lisa said...

wow you need to go to grad school just to understand it all! good luck figuring it out:)

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