Monday, November 30, 2009

full thanksgiving post soonish

but today, a teaser.

on wednesday night I made dinner for my fabulous friend karen. after that I boiled the sweet potatoes and started to make my great grandmother's pumpkin pie. it was kind of scary as I was using whole wheat flour instead of the gold medal stuff, but it all came out okay. :)

and here are my kitty cats, helping me roll out the dough.

we narrowly missed an even cuter picture, which would've been taken just a few seconds before but gobi wasn't up for having his cuteness captured. right before this his little front paws were on top of the cabinet to my right. he stayed there for a good minute and a half, just stretching and looking at me and talking to me while I worked. he does that sometimes, just meows and meows.

I can't believe I've had him for six and a half years. such a helpful kitten. helps me study, helps me sleep, helps me cook. :)

ps: excuse the mess. that's cooking/haven't cleaned/more cooking/I like to leave things on the counter. ha!


m-m-m-melissa said...

dude, my house looks the same way, and i don't cook generally. and by "generally" i mean "ever." :) glad you had a good turkey day(s)!!!

katandkarl said...

i am a counter-leaver-oner of the worst kind while cooking. who cleans as they go?! ;)

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