Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh my god, I'm planning a wedding!

yesterday Matt and I came to some potentially-actually-real conclusions about what we would/would not be doing for our wedding. we have two dates in mind, and I think we're pretty close to knowing which one it's gonna be.

did you hear that? we might have a DATE. for our WEDDING. seriously. when it's official I will tell you :)

and I think we have decided upon
-a theme
-our colors
-clothes for the guys
-clothes for the gals
-our centerpieces
-our save-the-dates
-our favors
-our placecards

and MORE.

today I emailed an officiant, a photographer and a florist.

I feel very efficient. :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

booooooosh! :) :) :)

Jennifer said...

Impressive decision making! :)

Del said...

Hey, I still have some stuff from mine. Like candle holders, ribbon, etc. Just holler if you need something...



Lisa said...

that is seriously impressive!!

{lauryl} said...

fun fun! keep us updated!!!

Andrea said...

Awesome! You are always so organized- you can add wedding planning to your photography business soon :)

joyfully gray said...

yay for wedding planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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