Tuesday, April 14, 2009

eh2ed #17{version 2!}

so, this *could* have been #18, but nah.

it's just too cool not to share! ORIGINS is doing something kind of awesome.

In my area my empty cosmetic containers cannot be recycled. And I go through Burt's Bees Lip Balm faster than I care to admit. I either throw it into the bin and cross my fingers (knowing it will be discarded at the facility) or after using qtips and whatever else to get every last bit of balm out of the tube, it just sits and sits since there's nowhere eco-responsible for me to place it.


now I can take my old cosmetic and toiletry containers of any brand to origins. they need to be clean and empty, and they don't take secondary packaging (e.g., plastic wrap or the paperboard boxes) but they take the plastic. it's recycled if it can be, and if not, it's used for energy recovery. AND if I take it in? I get a free sample of an origins product. SCORE!


M. said...

That's awesome! I have a related tip that I will blog soon.

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