Monday, April 13, 2009

eh2ed #16

people should NEVER set their blog feeds to only show up as a summary on google reader. a) because of the wasted energy and computer usage opening up a new page and letting it load so you can read their blog (it adds up, okay?) and b) because I find it annoying. and selfish. like "click on me, click on me, but only if I'm interesting." well dammit I just want to know what's going on with you, and I've 3/4 of a mind to stop reading your blog altogether because you're so pretentious.

um, er. right. I might be a bit miffed about that crap. so that's not my tip, eh?

today's tip? buy local flowers. in season. I find it ironic that V-Day falls when nothing is blooming, you know? But whether it's mother's day or a birthday present or wedding flowers, be sure to get what is available at that time, where you live. It's just like food, but in some ways worse because cut flowers are generally just discarded and have no nutritional value.

So yeah. make with the eco-flowers, please.


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