Monday, March 23, 2009

showershower, shower, tennis and drinks.

that's what I did this weekend. oh, and I also showered twice for myself. :)

and it was decidedly a good time. indeedily-do.

so, the only time I really took pictures with my camera was at tennis--I used dana's at the showershower (it was for two people) and I didn't take any at the other shower. I had not played tennis in yeeeeeeears. I think I played a little in college. Okay, I know I did. But I think other than that? Not since early high school. My (un)stepdad used to take us to Zink Park to play. Which was kind of fabulous, I might add. But I haven't really played since then at all.

Matt got us rackets for our anniversary, and Lisa and Richard were going to go with us. Turns out that Janice was having a bit of a tourney/free-for-all so we all got together. I was definitely nervous. a)because I hadn't played in, b)because I was SO not up for anything competitive, and c)because if I was ready to stop playing I wanted that to be okay--I didn't want to mess up a bracket or anything. Oh and? I was assured there wouldn't be a "loser's bracket." We were going to call it "non-winners." Not motivating! :) I suggested that we have an "all-stars" and a "super-stars."

We didn't use any of those! Which was for the best.

Matt and I played Richard and Lisa for a while, and then we switched to a girl's court and a guy's court. I was on a team with Janice's mom, who totally held back until it was 4-4 and we were playing our tie-breaker. It was pretty awesome! I had some very good hits, and some very very "not great" mistakes, but it was still fun and I did not make a complete arse out of myself. Mission accomplished.

We were there for around two hours, and I was all sunblocked and covered as much as I could be. I even spent the last half an hour standing in the shade, covered up in a sweatshirt, waiting for Matt to finish. Thankfully, all I ended up with was a little bit of pink on my face, and it's gone today. In my book, that's a win!

Oh and? My pink racket and pink balls were a hit! (pun absolutely intended) Unfortunately the court was kind of dirty and it made the pink way less pink-ee, but it's not like those are the only ones in the whole wide world, we can get more. I kind of want to see if an even brighter pink is available. Or ones made from recycled materials? So far I've just found recycling programs--ones who take the "dead" tennis balls and give them to animals, or separate them into their constituent parts, or whatever. We'll see...

My right arm and right thumb are sore today. It usually takes me the full 24 hours or more to experience the full soreness, so I'm a bit anxious about what I'll find out in four hours. :) Matt and I are *maybe* going to go play again today, even if it's just for 20-30 minutes, 'cause it's a nice, pleasant workout.

ps: status of tooth is still the same. hurts with cold things, but not the rest of the time. BIZARRE. I think my dentist thinks I'm nuts--I rescheduled the cleaning from wednesday so I could let my tooth not be aggravated further, and basically said "look if it's not better in a week I'm going to NEED the root canal, I can't keep dealing with this." Apparently most people would rather avoid a root canal at all costs--even when it's totally annoying and there's a simple way to fix it. UGH.


Ms. Smith said...

I'm so glad you came to play! I hope it wasn't too competitive, and either way you totally held your own.

If you get even brighter pink balls this needs to happen more often. I'm just saying.

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