Wednesday, March 25, 2009

quick and pretty

which is WAY better than quick and dirty!

so, remember how I blogged about this bag? well, it arrived lickety-split, along with the ring I finally got around to ordering. I emailed about the possibility of Greek letters and she tested it out then and there, but it was right before my aunt passed away, so I forgot to order it until last week.

well, both of the items were here on THURSDAY. two days later. holy smokes!

And, they came in cute packaging. And the ring came in the tin--that's Lilly fabric in my favorite colors, green and pink! I didn't even know about Lilly and her fabric and all until some people I know started talking about it, but it sure is cute. Not always my thing but definitely adorable!

(and speaking of which, she's doing another giveaway--for a Lilly Pulitzer cute pink bag!)

I am tres impressed.

oh yeah and that ring made an appearance on my photography blog yesterday. I had a little poem sitting on my desk, saw the reflection of the word "hearts" and it was a done deal! ps: which do you like better? name or logo in the corner?

Also, yesterday I did not rock climb. :( I was kinda bummed. I hurt my thumb, I guess during tennis. Apparently I grip the racket too tight. It is still sore today, so I'm glad I didn't go. Instead, after stressing out about the red mold that was growing on my sheets--oh wait, I only tweeted about that--I left Matt's anniversary present of eco-friendly sheets in the washer for many a day on accident and they got that icky red mold on them, hence the problem. I washed everything in detergent, vinegar and some oxi clean, and went on a hunt for replacement ones.

The homegoods at Brier Creek didn't have them, and I called around and no one here had them in the color I wanted. The one nearest me had some in other colors though, so I went to pick them up since I couldn't go climbing. And while there, I saw this gem. Which is now in my house, waiting to be hung up. Usually I am not a fan of metally-wrought-iron-ee things. They usually look heavy, and sometimes are heavy, and I think color is superior to solid metal. They look good in other people's houses, but they're not something I was planning on having in mine. HOWEVER, like most rules, there are exceptions. :) and this was one of them. I'll let you see it when it's really, really up!


m-m-m-melissa said...

the little bag and ring are super cute. you always have cute sh*t running around. how is that possible? :)

p.s. i like the name in the corner better, but they both look good.

Lisa said...

totally with you on the iron thing but love that tree you found very cool:) and that picture of the reflection is super cool...

♥Joy♥ said...

because the green border of the logo is a teensy bit distracting from the ring & reflections, i like the name in the corner better! but they are both amazing pictures! they are beautiful! i got my bag on thursday too! =D yay!!!

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