Friday, March 06, 2009

oh, southwest.

so I'm on the plane. waiting for others to board. and think we probably have the most literal flight attendant EVER.

as you know I fly pretty often. and every time I have my backpack and my kd tote. and I put my purse in the tote to give them my ticket. and then I take it out while I wait to board.

and for the first time in my life the attendant made me put it back in my tote until I was seated. seriously. had to step off the plane and everything. (I had rearranged while I waited)

anyhoo almost flight time. catch you in Florida!

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Misha said...

I HATE flying.

In the Meantime said...

i fly alot, too and actually had a flight attendant make me stuff my purse in my bag once...

i used to try to just pack a carryon but w/ the liquid regulations, i check my bag and just carry a book now.

btw: i was flying back from portland last year and reached in my bag and pulled out my weapons grade mace! had forgotten all about it but made it onto the plane with it... they let me on w/ mace and took away my indian seasoning that my best friend gave me... silly, silly airport :)

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