Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm talking about the bride, the flowers, the weather, you name it! I really had a great time this weekend!

friday: arrived. lunch at the hotel. nap. rehearsal dinner. Darin gave his groomsmen boxes of cigars as their present--and the one he gave to his best man (also his brother) said "it's a boy!" This was not purposeful. hilarity ensued.

we also had a guy come play the bagpipes, and they actually sounded really, really GOOD. the rehearsal dinner was outside and it was wiiiiiiiiindy. I took some pictures (per the photographer's request, actually!--that's him in the picture below) and I'll share 'em when I get them edited. I only had a chance to edit a few! oh also, my hotel-mates ended up being pretty fab. I was a little anxious about staying with two people I'd never met before, but as soon as they showed up and we got in the car I knew it was going to work out juuuuust fine. :D

saturday: got up and ate breakfast at a mom and pop place with deelish sweet rolls and gross omelets (they used kraft cheese on them, ew!) and then went to the baldwin park art fair. I got the pieces I showed you below, two other items (one for my mom and one for matt!) AND an opal necklace. All for less that $75, which I consider quite the accomplishment! we grabbed some snacks for lunch, hung out in the room for a bit and got ready for the wedding!

another girl (dina? deanna? I can say it but I can't spell it!) showed up and the four of us scooted off to the ceremony. in the pic that's cassie, me, dina and lashon. the pastor was great (and interesting, he talked about the brownings!) and del looked so beautiful, and the flowers were wonderful, and man, it was just really good. And Darin was cutely nervous and oh, goodness, so great. Love it!

the reception was really fun too. Got to see Beth and Dave--Beth and I were the only KDs there and no, we didn't sing, but Del DID do something special for us--see the picture of our table card. :) there was LOTS of dancing and eating! they had a mini-cake for the two of them and served everyone else strawberry shortcake. and had sparklers when they left, and MAN did people attack their car with toilet paper and shaving cream, yikes! And I had fun with the sparklers, too!

when we finally headed home...
a) I noticed I had a HUGE blister on the bottom of my left big toe. holy smokes. I took a picture. It is gross. Just trust me on that. It's much better now though!
b) we found out that our air conditioner was soooo not working. cassie's alarm clock was also a thermometer--and it was 77 degrees in our room.
c) we giggled. a lot. it was like a big ol' slumber party. :)

and then sunday (yesterday) I flew out, had bruegger's when I got home and then matt and I watched tv and napped all day. which. was. glorious. it was also Renee's birthday, and I miiiiiight have neglected to hang up the phone after I left her a birthday voicemail--so she got a good giggle out of us deciding if we were having waffles or french toast for dinner. french toast won by the way!

I am VERY thankful that I will not be going out of town for two weeks, and that when I do it will be much less of a whirlwind. I am so glad I could go to Del's wedding too--I've been so sad to miss other KD sister's weddings 'cause I couldn't afford to go at the time, but I'm thankful that I could this time!!


Leanne said...

Oh! I want to hear about the sparklers. I'm really considering doing that at our wedding, but the logistics are killing me. Especially because it most likely won't be dark. But it WILL be the 4th of July... I'm glad you had fun!!

Lisa said...

love the sparklers idea, what fun!!

LaShan said...

It was so nice to meet you. I had a great time. Hopefully we can hang out again soon. Our trip back was awful. We were off to such a great start dropping you off on time and then having a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We checked in at the airport and found out that we were on a 1.5 hour delay. Yuck!!!


Del said...

Finally got around to comment - Thank you for coming all that way and staying with strangers that turned into friends. It was wonderful that you came and we'll be up there to visit as soon as we can!


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