Tuesday, March 31, 2009

eh2ed #4

to everything turn, turn, turn....

there is a season. you know what will be in season soon? asparagus. did you know it's only in season for a few weeks? I didn't until I read a fabulous book by Barbara Kingsolver...but not the point i'm going for.

So. Know when your fruits and vegetables are in season, when they grow and how they grow. And when you want those strawberries in January when it's freezing outside, or tomatoes in November, you'll be more likely to realize that they aren't in season and purchasing them would be supporting the pollution from tranportation.

so, buy in season, okay? and think twice before buying out of it :)

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Anonymous said...

Tomatoes out of season are gross anyway...the best ones come from the farmers market, and beyond that...they're just not worth it.

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