Friday, March 27, 2009

earth hour to earth day

so, there's this neato thing going on with "cool people care." It's called EH2ED--earth hour to earth day. If you don't know, Earth Hour is TOMORROW. All you do is at 830pm tomorrow night, wherever you are, turn off all nonessential lights. edit: 830pm in YOUR time zone! You don't have to sit in darkness or turn off every single thing, just the ones that you don't HAVE to have on (eg: your porch light. your kitchen lights when you're in the next room. etc)

This is a BIG deal. State capitols are doing it (Arkansas, I'm lookin' at you). Celebrities are doing it. Even Broadway is dimming its lights (though not turning them off completely). Wowowowow.

Do it too. It'll take a minute to switch out those lights. Make a statement, show that you, too, are concerned about climate change, and that you want to make a difference.

so, back to the challenge--it's to spread the word about going green, and to do so each day from earth hour to earth day. I never did much of a job deciding what to give up for Lent, so being involved in this is my Lenten Offering of sorts.

Keep an eye out for my suggestions and ideas, and please, make your own! And if you have anything you want to know more about, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Now get ready to turn those lights out SATURDAY, 830PM your local time. For an hour. Take a moment and make a stand. :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

arkansas. REPRESENT. :) it's 8:30pm, regardless of time zone, yes?

p.s. the word verification is "metakedu" which, when said aloud, sounds like "me take doo." i am laughing like a teenage boy at this.

p.s.s. yes, i always ALWAYS try to make actual words out of the word verifications. turbo nerd. :)

M. said...

I accidentally participated last night. I was watching a movie and had all the lights off, and then realized it was 8:30. That was easy!

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