Sunday, December 28, 2008

"hugs not drugs"


our 4pm flight yesterday was going to strand us in St Louis yesterday, so we're taking one today instead. It was nice to get to stay in Tulsa another night, but I am worried about my cats and about getting to relax enough since I'm working half days tomorrow and monday. at least it works out that we'll see taylor and laura at dinner tonight (I'm crossing my fingers!)

It is annoying to pack everything up and unpack enough to get ready only to pack it up again. especially since we had just gone through that going to see the richardson side of the family!!! But, I got a nap, got to look through old and awesome cookbooks AND got to have zio's with jackie and see quantum of solace (for matt's sanity's sake) with my good friend david and (his either girl friend or girlfriend, I'm not sure, but I think the fact that she's in town from CA meeting his 'rents would suggest the latter not the former) cynthia. We both liked the movie and it was a nice mental break?

I have been remiss in taking pictures of people while we've been out. Partially 'cause my point and shoot is being finicky when it comes to the flash, but also because I've been taking lots of pics of other things! There's going to be a fun album of my granny's house, I'm looking forward to that!

okay, time to finish packing up again.

special thanks to:
my mom for taking us to the airport, picking us up again AND loaning us her car.
jackie for dinner entertainment.
david for meeting us and introducing us to cynthia!
adam for making that list.
and matt, for having waaaaay more patience than most people. :)

wish us luck on actually making it to Raleigh today!


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