Wednesday, November 12, 2008

is my refrigerator running?

if it were I'd be happy to catch it.

uggggh. this morning I woke up, got ready and was walking around in my only-wear-with-heels dress pants and my tank top for under my sweater when lo! and behold! while getting out my coffee to grind from the freezer I noticed--huh. that looks like...HOLY CRAP THAT'S LIQUID IN THE FREEZER.

turns out my fridge and freezer weren't working. like, at all. the light in the freezer went on and off, flickering, while the door was open. everything was still cool/cold, but nothing was frozen.

we've been having a little trouble for a couple of weeks now--the icemaker stopped making ice. but, y'know, icemakers break, right? so we were making it in trays. whatever, fine, it worked. but the ice would sometimes get a little melty and then harden when we put it in the bucket to start making more ice. hmm...

and now, it's not working. my milk and oj are barely cool, the meat is all almost thawed and yeah. no good.

fortunately, however, I tried some things. I decided that it must be electrical because of the light, and because the fridge would be more likely to stop cooling and still blow air than to go dead. So I flipped the breaker and it turned on, but the light was still flickering. So I slooooowly got the fridge out of the little nook for it and managed to squeeze back in there to re-plug it in (it was in, but maybe loose?)

right now it seems to be cooling. I am going back at lunch to check. This is totally annoying. Maybe the fridge has bad karma??? Maybe. And THANK GOODNESS I have been remiss in my grocery-purchasing duties, or a whole lot more food would have potentially been ruined. yikes.


turner said...

I would suggest checking/cleaning the air-intake filters, because that's exactly what happened to me - too much dust and hair and such things clogged up the vents so air wasn't getting inside. I lost about $60 worth of meat and frozen items in one day.

However - new home, new fridge... doens't sound likely, although you do have cats

care said...

well, that's definitely a possibility, but someone certified to do that came and cleaned it in june.

it's three years old, so it's not new-new, but it certainly isn't old. I went home at lunch and it seems to be cooling, so that's good.

cross your fingers that it keeps doing it!

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