Monday, November 10, 2008

in the middle of the city of samaria, there was a well.

~the sentence said over and over and over.

I had a good time this weekend but came home waaaaaay tired. And with a new scarf and coat. A shiny quarter to whomever can guess the price of the pink coat first--within $3 either way. It was kind of awesome--Chelsea wanted a coat, we ended up going to a store that we made fun of the first time we passed it (seriously hoochie) and we ended up both getting them! AND while we were looking a girl brought us a coupon book that had a 10% off coupon, and we were able to make someone else happy by giving them the book after we used the one we wanted since it was only good for that mall.

By the way, we went to the mall between the lunch and evening sessions. We do this every year.

The event was good but MAN--the speaker had some excellent things to say but she was sooooo not appropriate for 6-12th graders. She bored me and used words that made me think "ooh, good word!" which means that level of vocab is going to soar over a 12 year old's head. Yikes. We averaged about, oh 6 hours of sleep a night and we were go-go-go. But that's okay, they had fun, and that's what made it worth it.

Yesterday while I waited around at church I took a few pictures. See? PS I almost lost my little point and shoot--it wasn't in my purse, it was on the floor by my purse, and I walked off without it.

I came home, took a three hour nap, watched an ep of House and went to work on our homework with a girl from Portugal, a guy from South America and another guy from the Middle East. It was kind of cool AND we're halfway done with our homework. :)

I am FINALLY getting to edit my balloon festival pictures. expect to see them soon!


jax said...

YAY! Cute coat AND scarf!! :)) Cute cute cute. You look good in pink, lovely! And in reference to your first post..BOO on your fridge.. BOO.

Mickie said...

what church were u at? i was born in fayetteville & gparents still live there. gma plays organ at one church & they attend another

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