Friday, October 17, 2008

where's the green!?

I know, I know, I haven't gotten to talk about green stuff recently. I've been BUSY. And it looks like I'll stay busy. I mean, I'm only just now getting to tell you that my birthday is less than a week away!! This time last year I had a countdown! :)

Last night I didn't even sit down to eat dinner. Matt and I realized that if we sat down we were done. So instead we stood. And walked. And moved. And crouched. And lifted.


The shelf in the basement has things on it. I unpacked SEVEN boxes of books and decor yesterday. Perhaps more. I am very pleased to have this up. I even unpacked the bigbigbig box of books from my childhood. Somehow I don't have the #1 Nancy Drew. I may have to look for it on ebay. I have this thing about having the whole set. And we also got to do a little glancing through each other's senior yearbooks--which we both worked on. Man, they were A LOT more lenient in Augusta GA. The captions say things like "aren't you glad you used dial?" and show a girl whose arm is raised in the air. We NEVER could've done that. Ever.

Also, the entertainment center downstairs has some decor as well. It will probably get rearranged and I deffo need to print a picture of augusta to balance out the tulsa skyline, but all in all I feel like we're making progress! It was fun finding the pictures of my grandparents. Some day I want Matt and me to take a picture of us reading a yearbook like theirs. Or maybe with both of our yearbooks. Not sure. But I LOVE that picture of them. LOVE.

We are recycling all of this and/or removing it from our home. This is good too. And Matt had already taken out the recycling yesterday and THEN we had this. We recycle A LOT. Our container is bigger (an old laundry basket) and we still usually fill up the recycling twice before we fill up the trash. Especially now that we compost. With illustrations like this it STILL amazes me that people don't recycle. Seriously.

And I'm hesitant to share this with you, because, well, some people are all judgmental about the fact that we aren't unpacked yet, but anyway...this is my garage. I'm sure it looks like it's full full full to you, but I'm pretty excited because you know what's in the middle there? FLOOR. Like, actual, real, uncovered cement. I have NO IDEA how Matt and I would have fit in a smaller place, particularly one that did not have a garage! Our goal is to have this pretty much cleaned out by the party, even if it's at the expense of having a clean guest room. Wish us luck!

This weekend is yet another busy one--fun with friends tonight, belaying, photography and a bday party tomorrow and sunday is church and our class project from 1-6, and then the fair. And somewhere in there I need to work on my paper. :) Yikes.


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