Wednesday, October 15, 2008

an extremely unsatisfied customer

I used to like Dell. I did. They make good machines, right? but their customer service is MISERABLE. AWFUL. And really an excellent example of piss-poor training.

let's do a timeline, shall we?

August 2005 I buy a computer with a three year warranty on everything

August 2008 I have said computer spiffed up before the warranty expires, replacing the keyboard and lcd, some plastic, stuff like that.

September 2008 the hard drive crashes. I pay Dell $50 to tell me that it's my hard drive and it's dead and gone.
(also, in this month I ordered a hard drive that didn't connect correctly. my own fault but then again, Dell used almost-outdated technology in my computer. meaning like putting a 2008 engine in a 2009 car even though the 2009 engine is MUCH better)

October 2008 I contact Dell to say "what's the maximum capacity hard drive that is compatible with my computer?" During this conversation, after I told the woman the make and specifics of my laptop computer, I purchased the drive. I was told it would be shipped on thursday. on thursday I found out it was delayed. I called, had them look at my other options, etc. and ended up keeping the drive.

yesterday, October 14th--I get a phone call and email from Dell saying my order has a new delayed ship date of October 27th. This is RIDICULOUS. I call them back. I am on the phone or on hold for AT LEAST an hour and seven minutes. There goes my lunch hour. And then some. I talked to a minimum of eight people, asked at least twice for my order to be cancelled only to get the "other options" mumbo jumbo, and was denied the privilege of speaking to a manager TWICE because "they have the same tools I do." When I got off the phone after being transferred AGAIN to "speak to someone who can help you find an alternate part" I decided I'd call once I calmed down to cancel my order.

I was so red and angry someone asked if I had been tanning. At one point during the conversation I actually cried tears of frustration. ALL I WANT is to voice my complaints where they'll go somewhere, as I have gotten shitty customer service and their sales department made TWO mistakes.

no such luck.

so, fine, whatever. I'm pissed, never buying a dell product again, writing a letter and stuff like that.

and then.


So I have been on hold some more today. Basically they still won't get me to a supervisor and all I can do is accept the package and then return it. While on hold for a supervisor I've been disconnected twice. I've been told that they can only transfer me to their direct supervisor, that's it. And I have said my name and order number over and over. I've written down eight people's names. Some of them just repeated it when I asked them to spell it and were reluctant to actually spell it out. They've all said "oh boy, that sucks." One said "could you have told them you information incorrectly?" DUDE YOU SOLD ME THE DAMN THING, you know the deets. You looked up my file by my name address and phone number.

seriously livid. no longer wanting to clench my fists, but geeeeez. I'm actually on hold while I type this. It's been an hour long phone call and I've been on hold for ~47 minutes of it. They get 5 minutes and I'm calling back. Again.


Jax said...

:( Boo, lover. I can kick some ass for you! I'm scrappy!

M. said...

I have a Dell too (a desktop) and the hubby and I are just waiting for it to die once and for all so we can get an iBook. I feel your pain!

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