Wednesday, September 17, 2008

welcome to our humble abode...where electronics come to die.

please leave all cell phones, ipods, cameras and anything else battery operated at the door. or bring them in at your own risk.

last night my hard drive died.
shortly after we moved in matt's computer crashed.
and and and his razr is dead and gone, too.

thank GAWD it was my computer hard drive that dies, because all of my pictures are on my portable one. I last backed that up in july, and let me tell you, I'm backing it up right now, too. but MAN. guess I shoulda sprung for the continued warranty when I sent my computer in to be fixed before because I already paid them $50 just to talk to me, and now I have to pay another $170 for a new hard drive.

Anyone in the area know a good computer person? I'd be happy to go to someone other than Dell if the price is cheaper, I just don't know where to start. I guess I could call the geek squad?


Nick said...

Hey Rie, Shoot me an email detailing what's up with your HD & from there I might be able to help or send you to someone who can.

Anonymous said...

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