Monday, September 22, 2008

musical ceiling fans.

friday=volleyball=fun. ooh, and sushi beforehand. and I went to try on harnesses. I discovered I'm a small, not a medium, and since I scored a 15% off coupon for signing up for rei's emails I'm going to go buy it today! no shoes yet though...

and I've also decided that I'm going to do something that may sound kind of, there's this $400 laptop at office depot that has the bells and whistles I need, y'see, and my computer is three years old. the environmentalist in me says "nooooo!" but practical carrie says "um...maybe?" so. I have developed a plan:

1. buy $400 laptop. keep in box.
2. buy/obtain xp installation cd since my one has grown legs. clearly, not the new version.
3. buy laptop hard drive that could also be my external hard drive if this doesn't work (I need an upgrade/backup)
4. try to install hard drive and xp. if it works, return $400 laptop. if it doesn't, make new drive my external hard drive and keep $400 laptop.

good plan, yes? there is a balance between shoving cash at my old computer and buying a new one. kind of like with a car. only computers are out of date much sooner.

so, saturday was sleeping in, cleaning up and the wedding (more on that later!) and sunday was headachey church going, a nice nap, computer shopping and a nice rousing game of musical ceiling fans! which, you know, is when you take a ceiling fan and move it to another room and try to install another one in its place. this is particularly challenging when your wiring breaks easily and/or if your fan wires are not the same color as your wiring wires. oh, the joy.

also, I am thinking about maybe seeing if I can do some part-time stuff with a local studio to try to get some exposure to weddings. I have talked to two photographers and both have suggested that that's the way to go. I'd still do my family photos, but I'm just not sure if a)I want to add something else to my plate and b)if wedding photography is something I actually want to do. I like my saturdays and I intend to keep on working...we'll see. I just want to try it. Just once. And then go from there...but it's worth at least putting my foot in the door and hopefully I can say "only x amount of time." maybe. or I can just keep it where I am since things are just taking off...I mean, I LOVE photography and I am so glad I'm taking pictures of people...I am liking it far better than I expected to and it's A LOT of fun, so it feels like the right direction and all, but I don't know that I want to go too far and start hating it. :)

anyhoo, I'll figure it out, I'm sure. and in the meantime I'll just play around and take my family photos and build a portfolio to show the folks, hmm?

I took some fun shots at the wedding AND I've posted Nicole's bridal portraits here. I think I'm going to invest in an outdoor source of light--NOT an ugly flash--just to help fill in a little and help make cloudy days less scary. :)


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