Thursday, September 21, 2006

my glass is overflowing.

and not in the cup-runneth-over kind of way.

I really, really, REALLY want to watch Iron Jawed Angels. realbad. I just do. It's about women's suffrage, and Hilary Swank is in it, and I wanna see it. Last week when the girls came over we were supposed to watch it—but Amy was having a bad bad day, and we spent so much time talking that we didn't even think about starting it. So, new plans were made, and Betsy, Mary Alise and I were going to watch it last night.

I TRIED to force them to watch. Really I did. But I had to keep stopping it so we could talk! I did, however, learn that the start of the civil war (or, the war between the states) was not actually slavery. Which, um, yeah--I totally remember learning in elementary school that it was. But when you come to the "South" you learn the real story (and yes, whether or not Raleigh is still "suth-ern" is up for debate sometimes, I guess, whatev.)

So hopefully, hopefully I'll get to watch it soon. My netflix subscription is hungry for me to return it so I can get another movie, y'know?

Oh, and about the glass. So, last week I bought three little trashcans from target—the *college* kind that come in fun colors. They were on clearance for $1.38 a pop. Otto and I have been using them to pre-sort our recyclables. And the glass one is full. Over-full. Like, not even trying to balance stuff on top anymore full.

because of the wine.

There are wine bottles galore. Three from last week's girl time, plus another one. Plus four from last night (one had only a single glass left in it)! That's a lot of wine bottles! Yikes. So, this evening while I study study study and reward myself by updating the new photo blog, I'm also going to have to find time to empty the recycling. Because my glass is overflowing.

PS-I think it is weird that the advertisements for a movie about women's right to vote has 1) a lady's naked back on it and 2) her wearing a flag, which you aren't supposed to do. So, um use sex-appeal and inappropriate flag conduct to promote a movie about women's rights? Anyone else think this is odd? I mean, I know they were all about breaking/changing the rules, but...perhaps I'm not getting the point?


Mr. Junk said...

Very bluntly, sex sells.

And these days the average person has no idea how to properly treat the U.S. Flag.

So cope it up to ignorance and horniness.

David said...

Your Southern friends(?) are correct.

The war started over the age-old question of states rights versus federal rights.

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