Monday, September 18, 2006


no, I didn't leave out any additional vowels, consonants or sometimes-vowels-sometimes-consonants.

mre is short for meals-ready-to-eat. and there are eleventy billion of them hanging out in our building near the bathrooms, along with juiceboxes of purified water. I mean, seriously, dozens and dozens of mres and twenty-sevens and twenty-sevens of the purified water.

and it freaks. me. the eff. out.

now, I realize that at some point in my life, on whatever scale, I will likely have to deal with the bird flu. with my immune system and age I'm likely to get sick, but that's all. (knock on wood) but this whole thing almost sounds like some freaky version of biological warfare--only the strongest will not survive?!? makes me shudder.

and I've been trying not to think about it, for the most part, but I walk by those mres and purified waters like eleven times a day. so I can't help but notice. grr.

it's weird though--more than anything else, I'm worried that I might get quarantined inside of my building (hence the food rations being stockpiled) and otto might not be able to get home either and no one could take care of my kitties. I actually talked to the vet about it on saturday--because it's the thing that makes me the most nervous. but fortunately, she said call their office and they'd do everything possible to take care of gobi and hazel--they might have to move 'em somewhere, but they'd get taken care of. which gives me a great sense of relief.

PS-hazel's eye will be fine with these little drops that she's being rather agreeable about. and gobi, well, I may have to eat my words about that EKG and bloodwork. but at least he has very good teeth. the two of them were TERRORS though. absolute terrors. man, my vet is good-natured.

on to happier subjects...

I went to see an NC State professor's photography show, and his pictures were lovely. It made me very excited, because if he's making money off of this then I certainly can too. So I made a new not-connected-with-my-blog-blog blog. It's here. I offer discounts to friends and family. :)

and, I went TWICE today to see if the photos were posted in the cafeteria for the photo contest--but alas, they are not. I wanted to see my competition, and I've now promised myself not to look until Wednesday, because surely they'll be up by then--surely. I'll let y'all know how they look once I see 'em...


turner said...

Not to expose my not-watching-the-news-much-ness or anything.. but what in the blue hell is going on? Stockpiles of rations? Quarentine? I think a little bit more background info was needed on that last post

Carrie said...

well, so at some time, eventually, the bird flu will come to the US. It might be small and normal-flu like, it might be huge and terrible. My work wants to be prepared for the eventuality as best as possible, so that they can provide for their employees.

If, say, one of my co-workers (in my building) is exposed to the bird flu and comes to work, it is quite possible that they (they being the gov't or WHO I guess?!?) will likely quarantine our building to help stop the spread of the bird flu. So....

if this happened my work wants to be prepared to feed and take care of its employees until food can be brought in.

and that is all I know. My work has been pretty hush-hush about the remainder of the details.

does that make more sense now?

OM said...

Are you sure that the only reason they are stockpiling rations is that they are concerned about your health and safety? Aren't these the same people that wouldn't buy you a respirator until you raised a wee bit of heck? Isn’t it more likely that someone is experimenting with the virus somewhere in your facility and they fear a release and subsequent quarantine? I may be woefully in the dark but I don’t believe I know of any other business which is stockpiling for the pandemic on such an immediate and large scale. I do know people who work in local and state governments and they would have mentioned a mandate to prepare. I have other reasons to believe that there is more to this than seems immediately apparent. Of course the simplest explanation is someone in your management team owns stock in the company which makes MRES and boxed water and they needed a 3rd quarter boost. But that’s just being overly cynical.

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