Friday, July 01, 2005

oh dear

so, I believe that yellow isn't the best color when associated with snot, eh? I'm going to call the doc. And yesterday I spent fifteen minutes talking about how cool target's prescription bottles are. Is that weird? I sure think it is.

I think I'm going to get the swiss dot ones. Because you're right, the pink are more practical. Either that or I'll get both and return one of 'em. I'll order them today.

If you haven't seen Batman Begins go see it right now. Get up from reading this blog, go see it, and come back. Or, at least pause long enough to make plans to go see it. It's really good. REALLY. It's the best of 'em all, though Mr. Nicholson (sp?) does make an excellent joker.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. I'll be cleaning, getting ready for one of my best friends to visit and the like. And I'll be writing math problems. I'm getting to do that for the state of ohio's standardized tests. I'm getting paid, not doing it for fun, don't worry.

Anyhoo, time for work. Oh, and I need to post a picture of a funny button. I'll do that tonight.


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